Vocational Training And Work Study

In-School Vocational Training

Our school offers unique opportunities for students to gain valuable skills in the areas of Culinary Arts, Wood shop, and Metal shop/Small Engine Repair Technology.  Students may request to apply to a local Vocational-Technical School to determine if they may be eligible to participate in a shared time program, attending LAS for their academics, and the vocational school for their trade.  Students looking for part-time work and job training may participate in our work-study program if their school behavior is positive and they are in good standing academically.

In-School Wood shop Program

Students create projects of their choice and gain the knowledge of planning and designing a project.  They participate in drawing and reading blueprints and gain an understanding of common building materials used for various projects, estimating materials and cost, preparing a cut list.  Students learn how to read a measuring tape to the 1/16th" and gain knowledge of equivalent fractions.  They are taught the concept of level - (horizontal) and plumb (vertical) and know how to check that a project is square utilizing the Pythagorean Theory.

Students learn the uses of various hand tools and power tools and gain the ability to select the proper tool for the job.  They learn to cut and shape materials, cutting angles, moldings, trims, and learn to construct joints: butt, dado, rabbet and lap joints.

Students gain the ability to assemble and fasten components using clamps, drills, nailing and gluing, and learn to sand and prepare surfaces for finishing using various materials and machines.

Lastly, students learn to perform finishing activities including cleaning surfaces, applying wood filler, swelling dents, installing wood plugs, sealing surfaces, applying stains, paints and other finishes.

Throughout all processes, students learn and carry out procedures for safety, clean up, and care for equipment.

In-School Metal, Welding/Small Engine Repair Program

Our Metal shop/Small Engine Repair program is one of most popular elective classes at LAS. Students work on metal shop projects from simple fabrication and welding to restoration of vintage race cars and motorcycles. Students learn to operate equipment such as: a Hossfeld hydraulic bender, a vertical mill, a metal lathe, and tubing rollers. Students work on developing vocational skills while acquiring valuable transitional work experiences that may lead to future employment. Students learn basic car care including studying basic engine technology and repair. Students learn how TWO CYCLE engines and FOUR CYCLE engines operate including disassembling, repairing, and assembling.

Students who are interested, are introduced to welding and will be able to explain the welding processes and welding safety, demonstrate a MIG welder, perform basic welding tasks at a professional shop, describe welding and electricity, demonstrate horizontal and vertical welding. Additionally, the in-class work is supplemented with periodic field trips to "real world" job sites that relate to small engines and motor sports technology.

For many students this hands-on program has offered them the opportunity to identify hidden talents and develop skills in ways that cannot be accomplished in a traditional classroom setting.

In-School Culinary Arts Program

Our school serves a nutritious hot breakfast and a hot lunch each day.  Many students participate in our culinary arts program helping to prepare school meals.  The students learn steps to planning a weekly healthy meal plan, ordering food and helping sort and stock food when it comes in.  They learn to read cookbooks, follow recipes and adjust them as necessary.  All stages of food preparation, cooking, serving, and clean up are mastered by students in our program.  They are taught safe handling and storing procedures and healthy behaviors in food preparation areas.  Students are taught to investigate and try foods that they may not have experienced before, including various cultural dishes, and recipes including fruits/vegetables/spices that are unique.

Additionally, students help prepare, grow and tend to a school vegetable and herb garden, picking fresh produce to use in their recipes for the school meals.

Culinary Arts students take field trips to NYC Culinary Schools, and local restaurants to gain new experiences.  These are special trips the students look especially forward to, that enrich the Culinary Arts experience.

Community Based Work-Study Program

Over the years many area businesses have collaborated with LAS to provide work opportunities for students in several areas: These include automotive technology, construction trades, office work, restaurant work, retail sales, nurseries, and pet store management.

Cooperating businesses have included:

Walgreens of Newton, Augies Brooklyn Bagels and Deli, Sparta, Pandora's Box of Toys and Collectibles, Lafayette, Living Pawsitively, Lafayette, Set in Stone, Lafayette, Lou's Glass, Branchville, Unicar Auto Body, Sparta, Homestead Rehabilitation and Health Care Center, Newton, Father John's Animal Rescue, Lafayette.

Video Production

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